Friday, November 18, 2011

Dating Online – Tips for Success

Online Dating Positives

One of the most amazing things that modern technology has offered to the human race is the entire new way that it is possible to meet someone new. Yes, I am talking about online dating sites. In the hundreds of thousands of years that human beings have been meeting and interacting with each other, there has never been anything that approaches the reach, the utility, and the convenience of online dating.

Up until recently, you were limited to whoever was in your immediate vicinity and social circle. Now, you can meet and woo anyone in the world. The most amazing thing is that you can look through what they say about themselves and shortlist a bunch of people that you are interested in that also have some things in common with you. On top of this, most dating systems have searching algorithms that will help you find all those people in the first place. It is just so amazingly easy.

Cons to Online Dating

Online dating sites are not foolproof. One problem is that people say what they are looking for, but they really do not know exactly what they want. People are much better at saying what they do not want in a partner than they are in saying what they want. Even so, people will often end up falling for someone who has many characteristics that they say they would not touch with a ten foot pole. On top of all that, online dating sites are the victims of members who exaggerate about themselves a lot, or just plain lie. For example, the hot young woman you think you’ve been chatting up online could be a 500 pound rat-catcher from Arsspik, Siberia. Or vise versa. Men and women both tend to post younger and more flattering pictures of themselves before they gained 40 pounds, and had more hair. You will never know if any of the people that you are chatting with are blowing smoke up your butt or not. As well, the person you are considering as a partner may be married, and looking to cheat. You don’t want to be part of that. Better to be involved with someone being honest to you, as well as his or her significant other.

The bigger dating sites will actually have millions of profiles for you to search through, and that is a curse! Even with the computerized help, the task is daunting. How can you zero in better? Of course if you are like me you just need to search for "deaf, dumb, oversexed female who owns liquor store"!

Other Online Dating Recommendations

A name like THREEINCHTOOL is unlikely to gain you much positive attention after all. Chose something that you can mention in mixed company, or better yet, to your minister. Another gem of advice is to let out your personal details gradually. Do not rush it. Slowly let the other person get to know you, and vise-versa. It’s safer. Talk on the phone a few times before meeting in person. Use a phone anonymizing service for the first few calls to protect you from any potential wackos that you might connect with.

Use a recent, accurate picture of yourself. If you present yourself the way that you actually are, there will be no disappointments when you first meet with her, and that will be a plus Do not put up a picture on your profile that you would be ashamed to show in public. You may be tempted to do something daring, but do not. You will only attract the wrong crowd. Also, although dating sites are supposed to be anonymous, pictures are not, and someone you know may recognize you, so do not put up any sort of compromising picture. Never complain about your current situation or your ex. Nobody likes to listen to a complainer. If pressed, admit to making a few mistakes and that you think you have learned from them. Also, make sure that you have more than one person that you are talking to at the same time. So many people stretch the truth in online dating that getting your hopes up on one specific person before you meet them is most likely to end in disappointment. So join several sites, preferably under different online names, and have 4 or 5 people on your active friends list at any one time. It is okay to date more than one person at a time until you are ready to commit. It is expected!

For your first in-person date when meeting someone after chatting online, there are some common sense moves you can make to ensure it goes smoothly. Choose a day date, first off. That way if you don’t hit it off, you can leave and still have your evening free. Second, if your date is not over coffee, set your phone alarm to go off a half hour into the date. That way, if it’s not going well, you can jet with an excuse. Lastly, let them know you’re also seeing other people. It is best to be honest, and ask them for the same thing.

If you have picked well, you have a strong chance of achieving instant chemistry, and potentially a lifetime of happiness. Bon Chance!


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